QEMU vhost-user-rng - RNG emulation


What follows builds on the material presented in vhost-user.rst - it should be reviewed before moving forward with the content in this file.


The vhost-user-rng device implementation was designed to work with a random number generator daemon such as the one found in the vhost-device crate of the rust-vmm project available on github [1].

[1]. https://github.com/rust-vmm/vhost-device


The daemon should be started first:

host# vhost-device-rng --socket-path=rng.sock -c 1 -m 512 -p 1000

The QEMU invocation needs to create a chardev socket the device can use to communicate as well as share the guests memory over a memfd.

host# qemu-system                                                             \
    -chardev socket,path=$(PATH)/rng.sock,id=rng0                             \
    -device vhost-user-rng-pci,chardev=rng0                                   \
    -m 4096                                                                   \
    -object memory-backend-file,id=mem,size=4G,mem-path=/dev/shm,share=on     \
    -numa node,memdev=mem                                                     \