Nokia N800 and N810 tablets (n800, n810)

Nokia N800 and N810 internet tablets (known also as RX-34 and RX-44 / 48) emulation supports the following elements:

  • Texas Instruments OMAP2420 System-on-chip (ARM1136 core)
  • RAM and non-volatile OneNAND Flash memories
  • Display connected to EPSON remote framebuffer chip and OMAP on-chip display controller and a LS041y3 MIPI DBI-C controller
  • TI TSC2301 (in N800) and TI TSC2005 (in N810) touchscreen controllers driven through SPI bus
  • National Semiconductor LM8323-controlled qwerty keyboard driven through I2C bus
  • Secure Digital card connected to OMAP MMC/SD host
  • Three OMAP on-chip UARTs and on-chip STI debugging console
  • Mentor Graphics “Inventra” dual-role USB controller embedded in a TI TUSB6010 chip - only USB host mode is supported
  • TI TMP105 temperature sensor driven through I2C bus
  • TI TWL92230C power management companion with an RTC on I2C bus
  • Nokia RETU and TAHVO multi-purpose chips with an RTC, connected through CBUS