Arm Musca boards (musca-a, musca-b1)

The Arm Musca development boards are a reference implementation of a system using the SSE-200 Subsystem for Embedded. They are dual Cortex-M33 systems.

QEMU provides models of the A and B1 variants of this board.

Unimplemented devices:

  • SPI

  • I2C

  • I2S

  • PWM

  • QSPI

  • Timer

  • SCC

  • GPIO

  • eFlash

  • MHU

  • PVT

  • SDIO

  • CryptoCell

Note that (like the real hardware) the Musca-A machine is asymmetric: CPU 0 does not have the FPU or DSP extensions, but CPU 1 does. Also like the real hardware, the memory maps for the A and B1 variants differ significantly, so guest software must be built for the right variant.